The Relocation.


People move house, all of the time. For some it is just a practical necessity, needing the extra room, not needing as much room or changing job perhaps. For us it was a case of Mrs B retiring after 30 years service in the Devon and Cornwall Police and us wanting the change in location to demarcate starting afresh, somewhere we could arrive as the married couple that we are but without the baggage of everything that got to us where we were, the ex’s, the local gossiping community, the house containing some previous lives memories.

I had lived in East Devon for 47 years, itself a beautiful but perhaps not as tourist laden part of the country as the popular South Devon beach spots. My mother is Cornish, born and bred in the lee of Bodmin Moor and I had always felt happy whenever I had managed to escape for a holiday to sit on the windswept North Cornish cliffs above the dramatic turquoise crashing seas.

Living here hopefully will be a little different to visiting it though and I am hoping to explore by bicycle (when I feel up to it, some of the hills here are epic in their steepness) on foot and sometimes by car. Bodmin Moor is to the South of us, the drama and ruggedness of the coast is only four or five miles to the West and I have no idea what North and East are going to bring yet. I am sure there will be many twists and turns and stories to relate from all of the compass points and I hope sometimes just some random writings that seem to be entertaining when just being at our new home.


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