This place always captivates me. Crackington Haven (Cornish: Porthkragen, meaning “cove of the little crag”) is only four or five miles away now – cycling to it might take some bravery though, accessed as it is by steep 20% plus approach roads both in and out. The village was affected by the same flooding difficulties as those that hit Boscastle in 2004, this and subsequent storms have stripped some of the sand away but have exposed some of the rock structure that was hiding just below. When the tide is out, and it’s warmer and sunnier than when these shots were taken a few days ago, I’d imagine the car park there is bursting. Certainly good rock pooling.


The cliffs and beach are a favourite location to bring Geology students, the layers and folds formed through the ages in the rock are plain to see.


We will be visiting here a lot in future, Mrs B started working in one of the Cafes, preferring that to working in an office for the summer.


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