After a busy two weeks of visitors to our new abode I was looking forward to finally getting out for a spin on the bike. We’ve had assorted family and friends here; all very welcome of course but I can’t be allowed out on my own while there is a need to give the Grand Tour of the new house, feeding, watering and perhaps taking visiting guests for a drive down to the nearby cliffs and seaside.

Boscastle is close by and is a fantastic place to show people as a microcosm of North Cornwall, charming village, quirky architecture, beautiful woodlands, historic harbour and of course the dark cliffs and brilliant azure seas crashing against them. DSC00073-1 1I think at least eight out of ten times I go there there’s a hooley of a wind blowing and I have trooped visitors up to the clifftops and tried to make sure they can catch some of my enthusiasm for the place while probably not being able to be heard whilst giving my knowledgeable tour guide impression.


My Brother-In-Law stayed for a couple of days and had his daughter and his dog Harry along with him, so that meant a dog friendly beach day was in order as well as maybe some rock pooling and sand.

DSC04024-1 1
Sight often seen by photographer, companions getting bored with waiting and walking off.

Boscastle doesn’t have a beach as such so we chose Widemouth Bay. I have posted pictures here of Crackington Haven with its layered rocks.  At Widemouth you have some similar layering but in much younger and much softer sandstone rock, meaning the sea actually deforms and wears the rock away in sink-like formations, leaving little rock pools in them, stuck in isolation above the sand. I’m sure the geologists will know what the different ages and processes involved are, I’ll stick to taking a picture or two of them.

DSC04108-1 1

Next up was the weekend that my children come to stay, the weather stayed fine looking but cold and so we headed for the beach at Widemouth again, this time to take advantage of the wind with some kite flying. This is my daughter launching while my son, out of shot, gets the kite going and then proceeds to pilot it so that he’s aiming it at his sister. I would have done that at his age too I think…

DSC04136-1 2

So, after all that I just get a chance to plan my gentle loop up to Crowdy Reservoir on my map software, an easy 30k starter for getting back into things again. When I wake up the next morning though I am sniffling, trembling and aching… a slight cold. This is not Manflu though, it is just the start of a cycle of symptoms that lead me into an MS relapse that has now lasted for three days. The sniffles have gone but that’s when the immune system, having had an attack of cold bugs, is low and gets the nervous system while it’s down. Tired, wobbly and achy is not conducive to enjoying a bike ride.

I really wanted this post to show my first Cornish spin, with pictures showing you what I’d seen and enjoyed, but that’ll have to wait now while I let this episode do its stuff to me.

DSC04036-2 1



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