As the title says, very little to report this week, a bout of Relapse has really confined me to the house all week, mainly wobbling around aimlessly and sleeping. Mrs B has been off to work and just let me snooze the days away.

I expect if you are still working that sounds idyllic, having a long rest when you feel like it. It’s not. The difference is that I don’t choose to go to sleep often, certainly during a bright Spring day. It is an inevitable feeling that descends on me, I almost feel the energy just sliding down though my body and spilling out of my feet. The sofa is about to be my refuge for a few hours, sometimes the whole day.

Waking up isn’t that much fun either, it takes a long while to work out where you are; a lot of times it’s like a hungover morning with the aches and pains that go with it but you haven’t had the fun-at-the-time drinking spree the night before to regret.

We did manage to go out for an explore last Saturday though. I say explore, I’ve been to many of these places before but there is a slightly different feeling when we nip off for an hour or two’s excursion now though as it’s now our patch on our doorstep. I should get to know it all more as we go along.

There is always a good walk up around the cliffs at these coastal places, not for me this time though as my legs didn’t have any walking uphill modes available. That’s the joy of it being on the doorstep though… we’ll just pop back another day when I’m working properly.


So we ended up exploring the little beach revealed when the tide goes out at Port Quin, a small, now National Trust owned, fishing hamlet apparently abandoned by its last remaining population after a disastrous loss of the working fishermen in a storm in the 19th century. The seas were relatively benign today and the sun was out giving off plenty of colour enriching light, still managed to find a shot I thought would be better in Black and White though!


Mrs B was going to make a stack of balancing stones and was collecting likely random suspects together when she found one with writing on it. Later investigation revealed that we had missed the free artwork that @KentBeachArt leaves on the beach for people to find and take home, what we found was the label stone he puts with it. We quite enjoyed the coincidence of randomly finding that stone amongst the millions on the foreshore though.

DSC04259-1 1

I do hope this bout leaves me alone now but I’m pretty philosophical. If it doesn’t then there might just be the pictures I took in the garden next week.


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