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My daughter found these leaves, they had probably taken since last Autumn to rot down to this stage. I got her to hold them up against the dark of the trees behind to bring out all of the delicate structures.

DSC06223-1 1

We were all fascinated by how this stump was cleaved in half by some unseen and uncompromising machinery that had also taken a bite out of the raised bank it was on. The exposed half a stump still had a root system visible and the entire thing didn’t seem to need a tank of Hirst-esque formaldehyde treatment to see how it all worked.



The half a stump showed us how shallow the pine tree root system can be, this root system radiated like a rail track system and the single highlight of the green fern in the base of the tree stood out over the almost greys of the bark and muted moss and lichen tones.



We couldn’t quite work out if this was the rejuvenation of some new growth from the apparently dead stump left after the tree was felled long ago or a new tree trying to grow from a seed finding a moist germination home in the moss that had decided to take advantage of the dead stump. Either way, it was neat picture of the cycle of life and death in a forest.


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