A lot of photographs I take are snatched while trying to be involved in something else going on. On this occasion we had dropped into Port Quin after the children and I had gone shopping for my daughter’s birthday present in Wadebridge and I was taking them via the scenic route home. It wasn’t sunny beach weather but Port Quin isn’t a sunny beachy place anyway, more its forte in its rough and hard landscape are the rock pools; the tide leaves the pockets of water in any depressions and the many creatures within hope that it doesn’t get too sunny until the hour that the sea finally returns to save them.

I suppose that’s the difference between me and a ‘passionate enthusiast’ or professional photographer. Passionate is used too much these days anyway, possibly in place of ‘driven’ or indeed ‘obsessive’. They would take note of the location, see where the light is likely to fall at its best and take notes about when return, when everything should be just perfect. I just take a camera with me and use it if I can when I’m there. My theory is if I want to be everywhere at the ‘perfect’ time for pictures, I might as well just buy a postcard by somebody that already did that.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took at Port Quin while my son was leaping around the rocks pretending to be some sort of Mountain Goat and trying not to get his feet wet (the wet won in the end)  while my daughter was sensitively prodding stranded jelly fish back into the water with her foot.


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