A recent influx

My thanks to Ellen Hawley for publishing a link to my Starlings entry on her site Notes from the UK  recently. As I commented on her site, I am a little humbled by the thought of being liked and recommended by herself as she is a proper writer who entertains me and many of you brilliantly. This has obviously resulted in many more responses to an entry on my blog than I am used to, there was even overnight action –  I mean hits on the site from Australia just to be clear about that. I thank her for the increased international exposure – again, exposure meaning publicity, not any other sort.

I must admit I do little in the way of self-promotion, I don’t go around shouting about how good I think I am or my blog is because obviously I’m English and it wouldn’t be the done thing to crow, preen, strut and other birdlike similes for fluffing your own feathers up. And anyway, ‘it’s not all that’ as they say, somewhere. In short, I would be the last one to shamelessly self-promote my blog. It’s up to you readers to decide if you like what you see and either spread the word accordingly or shuffle off quietly and say nothing.

So anyway, while I’ve got some greater attention than normal – what? Oh, hypocritical…umm… aren’t we all? No? OK, just me then – I will draw that attention to the fact that there are other entries on the blog that you may like to explore and see, with other photographs of the North Cornwall area, as well as just the page Ellen provided the link for. Some of the posts have my faltering words as well, if you like you can do what I do when Mrs B takes me for lunch out and about, sits me down and hands me the local paper or magazine and I’ve forgotten my reading glasses. I just go straight to the pictures.

Recent ones are Typing, Hibernate time, Life and Death in the Forest

If you don’t feel like doing that at the moment, no worries, I’ll just put up a couple of pictures that I took a couple of years ago in my back garden – when it was as frosty and cold as it is here at the moment and so the gardening season had drawn to a halt – and hope you enjoy them.

Thanks to you all for pressing the ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ buttons, I’ll keep updating somewhat irregularly and, as usual, about pretty random stuff but normally with some pictures to look at.


4 thoughts on “A recent influx

  1. Your writing style is great and your photos are beautiful. I’ve just spent the last half hour or so looking at them and reading your blog and I’m now following it, thanks to Ellen’s introduction via your starling post. Glad to have found you.

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