Just a couple of photos to share with you this week. After surviving a horrible cold lasting three weeks I was keen to get out and take some air, now that I could actually breathe it without collapsing, seemingly trying to eject a lung.

My afternoon of choice was full of interesting blue sky and light broken cloud, casting its low-angled shadowy shapes in lovely colour-enriching and texture-defining light. Unfortunately, in the ten minutes it took to drive to Crackington beach, a grey bank of featureless murk had replaced it in the skies.

With little cloud action going on my interest was forced to be more at a foot level and I soon saw that plenty of feet other than mine had been enjoying the sands that the low tide exposes.


The tide had turned and was returning with some energy now but some parts of the sand had been exposed to the drying effects of the sun in the morning. I used the lighter tones as visual ‘lead in’ lines, the cliff face in the background shows off the linear nature created by the layers of rock that this coast is famous for.


I did take a bag with me, ready to clear up any rubbish that the seas had thrown up. Pleasingly the beach is shortly going to have its own Two Minute Beach Clean station, complete with pickers and bags, to encourage more of this sort of impromptu ‘while I’m here’ behaviour. SONY DSCMartin Dorey is the man behind the original idea and it has since grown to be an international effort. Anybody reading who is lucky enough to regularly enjoy a nearby beach of their own should at least take the idea of having a small bag ready in their pocket and perhaps push the local authority for getting a similar station if the beach is regularly afflicted by this junk. ‘Like’ the Facebook page here for following their efforts. While you’re on there you could be doing the same for my page of course… I have just posted a video clip I found of the Starling murmuration I photographed on the ‘A Spectacle’ post on it.

For today it was clean anyway, my two hours of squinting at the pebbly part of the beach for more of the little glass jewels to fill up my jars with was only interrupted a few times by tangles of fishing line or scraps of plastic. Happily more than thirty pieces of nice beach glass finds comfortably outnumbered the rubbish. My lungs were clean and clear too.


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