It is traditional at this time of year to take stock of what has been and look forward to what is to come, so that’s what I’ll do for a short post today.

The year 2016 will be remembered in the main for it’s death, destruction and division. Perceived certainties upset, pollsters shown up, nations divided, many untruths told.

A point I saw made on Twitter somehow completely encompassed all there was to say about it really.

All of the concerns and worries remain of course. The replacing of the calendar on the wall – I didn’t get a photo of mine chosen for it but the St Genny’s Parish one looks very good in my office – isn’t going to magic away the likes of the Brexit and Trump induced uncertainties, or any of the world’s many other problems for any of us.

What I do like about New Year though, as opposed to the junk-and-party fest of Christmas, is the refreshing and revitalising quality, a marked point at which you can say ‘That was the past… let’s get on with the future.

Not the vague promises to yourself of taking more exercise and achieving some weight loss, less chocolate, less alcohol, doing more for charity. More the new optimism and energy – after the hangover has worn off of course – that lets you see opportunities afresh, that makes you look at your life knowingly and with a little more experience and gives you a stage at which you can try to begin to make changes for the better.

I hope that the we can maintain some of this positive momentum for what is going to be a challenging 2017. My take on doing something small but positive in the face of feeling overwhelmed by it all has been made here before in the post Making a difference by letting it go.

I have a feeling that I may need to read it again myself a few times to remind me that making my own very small but definitely very positive changes to the environment, making connections and finding things in common with the people around me, will always be important to me to be able to maintain any semblance of sanity at all. Hopefully many people will realise that the numerous facets of the media always come with an agenda to enrich someone and will start to ignore what they are manipulated to think, get angry about or desire and perhaps just start getting on with being people, not products or profit sources.

For me personally 2016 has actually been a great year. We moved to Cornwall near the sea, I started this blog and hopefully improved my writing (twenty-odd people sit back from their screens at this point and have a good chin-rubbing think about that), took more photos, took up a worthy cause in the Crackington Crew beach cleaning and we just introduced a new canine member of the family after a gap of two years without our previous companion in Gwynnik. Next year is looking good too, a cycling holiday idea with some friends is taking shape – more another time – and several new ideas, some involving craft and a lot involving food, to pursue.

I will leave you with pictures of a beach pebble that we left in the woods at Crackington Haven just a couple of days ago, the idea being that hopefully someone will pick it up, take it on a journey, post some pictures of where it goes and then leave it somewhere themselves.

There are already a few ‘Travelling Stones’ on Facebook using a similar idea, my daughter decorated this one in her own inimitable style and we have named it with the Instagram hashtag #gwynnikspebble. I have posted a couple of similar pictures on there on a new account I created, bearbrh but you can, apparently – thanks to the teenage daughter’s superior knowledge in this – search the hashtag to see if it gets found and photographed elsewhere.

As ever, the New Year will result in both you and I travelling, discovering, learning and perhaps leaving something behind to mark the journey through it. I wish you all a happy path through 2017 too.

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


3 thoughts on “Hopeful

    1. Can’t take any credit for the idea – ideas are Mrs B’s department, I’m simply the facilitator.. 🙂 It doesn’t seem to have travelled yet but it’s not exactly in a hordes of tourists place at a hordes of tourist time either. We’ll see, I may end up ‘finding’ it again and putting it somewhere else myself!

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