I appear to have made a prescient observation about the single use plastic bottles I posted about just a few days ago. Yesterday a DEFRA Minister, Therese Coffey, stated that her department was ‘considering’ a crackdown while speaking at the Coastal Futures 2017 conference.

Today an article on Cornwall Reports news website fleshes out what DEFRA are considering, which is apparently some sort of deposit system on each single use bottle sold, which I take to mean those such as the luridly coloured detergent and countless smelly potion bottles that there is one of everything for under your kitchen sink, as well as the evil water bottles.

Customers could be forced to pay an extra 10p or 20p for every plastic bottle or container they buy, which they would be able to reclaim if they return it as part of a deposit return scheme.

The link to the full article is here. http://cornwallreports.co.uk/new-tax-considered-for-plastic-bottles-to-help-prevent-waste-on-beaches/

I can’t help thinking that a deposit charged on ‘every plastic container’ will not get widespread support from the supermarkets and is perhaps a little wider ranging than was intended. However, if that is the aim, the seas, users of the sea and it’s inhabitants are going to be very happy with it.

Plainly when I write about something needing to be done about something, something gets done about it. Now, what to have a go at next?

Ah, Donald, oh, let me count the ways…





3 thoughts on “Update on Plastic Bottles

    1. Yep, I find at times like these it’s a good idea to go out and have a good look at the stars to get your perspective back. Lovely night for it tonight.

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