I am Bear Humphreys. I used to live in East Devon but have recently moved to North Cornwall in the UK. My mother is Cornish, so I am half-entitled to claim a sort of homecoming.

We’re not living on the coast because that is where everyone seems to want to live, not that surprisingly, and the property prices quickly rose out of our reach. So we have plumped for a house near a little hamlet tucked one hill away from the sea, in amongst the working farmland of the county.

I have blogged before but have perhaps trapped myself into a corner by making my blogs specific, perhaps ‘about’ my photography or cycling pastimes. The idea of this one is to be a bit more rambling and generalised and not to have a particular focus. Some pictures, some bike rides, anything I like really.

I write a blog to free some words from my brain. If you happen to meet me in real life you will probably think ‘He doesn’t say much.’ This is true, I don’t really.

I have a form of Multiple Sclerosis called Relapsing Remitting MS, briefly defined as ‘fine one minute, looks like a stumbling drunk the next.’ This, and suffering a stroke about six years ago, can make my speech either a rambling incoherence as my brain decides to leave- either to tangentially think about something else entirely unrelated or just leave in blank void of Buddha-like emptiness – or an embarrassing exercise of saliva removal, either from me, you or both of us as my facial muscles can’t work my mouth as fast as my brain tries to. Near silence then, except to my long suffering family who would probably prefer the public version by now as well.

You can contact me here on my Facebook Page or email direct on bear.brh@gmail.com


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