Rhine Blog

For any followers that are curious about how our trip down the EV15 Rhine River route goes, you can click somewhere about here.

Thanks to the new-fangled invention of hyper-links, you will be magically transported to another site which will let you follow what we get up to along our journey. This will be somewhat quicker than how we are doing it, which is by driving to Switzerland from Cornwall with our bikes on the roof which will take us roughly three days.

Hopefully I’ll have enough energy and internet connection to be reasonably up to date with it all text wise. ‘Proper’ picture uploads may be a luxury that takes a bit longer but I hope I can post stuff I take on a phone fairly easily.

The Facebook page may be a more immediate source of updates and pictures should you find yourself really needing respite from daily Trump-induced diplomatic mayhem, snapping elections and associated endless conjecture, nuclear Armageddon (we’ll be in historically neutral Switzerland so hopefully we’ll be OK, if in doubt we’ll put ourselves in one of their banks as a numbered account, they seem to be impervious to anything) or even just a coffee break at work with a nice digestive biscuit.

We’ll be off then. See you later.


Moorland Rambling

Saturday was a fine day and presented my first opportunity for a bike ride out for the week. Yes, the week was by that stage nearly over, but I had been busy because my children had been staying with me for an extended few days. We had managed some walks, including the Penhallam Manor site that I had decided not to ride up to on my last venture out, some rock pooling at both Port Quin and Crackington Haven and a visit to watch a film at the frankly unbelievably situated and gloriously small and independent Rebel Cinema. Continue reading “Moorland Rambling”

A Monumental Ride

I’ve finally managed to get going on my exploring the area by bike again, after a long lay up explained elsewhere. I normally use a mapping program called Ride with GPS for my planning of a cycling route but I have found recently that Microsoft’s Bing Maps online does have an Ordnance Survey maps display mode, showing much more detail about the ‘what’ that is along the way that a route passes as well as the ‘where’ you’re going. This was how how I made my plan for today. Continue reading “A Monumental Ride”

More fun than driving it. Just harder.

OK, got my route planned for today – sort of. It’s ‘follow the blue signposts’ – trunk bag on the bike packed, last loo break taken (there’s always another one just after you have put on your cycling shorts). Weather is still fine and forecast to be that way for the whole day, let’s go. Continue reading “More fun than driving it. Just harder.”

A Gentle Start

Some weeks ago, during my down time but when feeling a little optimistic, I decided to plan my first Cornish bike ride. It was not my intention when I planned it to have been off the bike for nearly two months by the time I got round to it, but that was how it turned out. My time has been filled, when healthy, with walks, chores, visitors and holidays and not an inconsiderable amount of windy, grey and wet days in between. I was sure I was now over my most recent bout of MS fatigue and wobbliness – we had done a cliff walk the day before and I wasn’t reacting badly to that  – so, with the sun finally arriving yesterday, it was time to do a fettling of the bike and then head out for a ride. Continue reading “A Gentle Start”