Clifftop weather

Just last week I was on top of the cliffs at Beeny, just north of Boscastle, walking with Gwynnik, and stopped for a few minutes to take in the views of some Grey Seals ‘bottling’ and ‘logging’ in the sea about 100 metres below. The mixed species of gulls were cawing and shrieking busily, using the air drafts in the cove to float effortlessly around – some call them “sky rats”, if they made less crying and shrill calls and didn’t raid your chips at the seaside I think more would love their command and grace on the wing instead – and occasionally you could spot a Guillemot bobbing around a bit further out in the sea amongst the bright fisherman’s marker bouys. Continue reading “Clifftop weather”

Be prepared

Before I went out for my walk yesterday I checked my camera battery. It was lowish at 40%, the spare was charged and in the bag but I thought I’d charge the one in the camera while I had my morning peruse of the headlines and check Twitter for the most current US policy announcements. It was looking to be a fine day and my camera gets through its power pretty quickly so I wouldn’t want to run out of juice. After lunch I got Gwynnik into her crate in the car, gathered up my coat and camera bag and set off on the few miles drive for a walk at Widemouth beach. Continue reading “Be prepared”


Sometimes I like to go for a ride on my bicycle. That doesn’t make me A Cyclist. Yes, I might know a bit more about bikes, riding them, mending them etc, more than some people who only fall over and curse their dusty bike-shaped object when trying to find something else completely different in the garage, but I will not rise to the bait when someone presents me with the stereotypes that they have of what they think A Cyclist is or should be, so I avoid using that term to describe one of the things I like to do. I just like riding a bicycle. Continue reading “Typing”

Hibernate time

It has arrived. We are sloshing about in the copious rainfall of Storm Angus apparently. Where we are isn’t too bad actually, perched at the top of a hill rather than in the deep valley of the river just a few hundred metres down the road. There’s a former mill house nestled at the low point of the V of the valley, the owners decided to call it River Cottage. They must be hoping that name isn’t too literal and the river ends up in the cottage as they watch the swollen brown water, bits of tree and occasional unlucky soggy sheep flowing by. Already there are big puddles on the adjacent road down there that might be able to consume a small family car whole. Continue reading “Hibernate time”

Making a difference by letting it go

The modern age of the internet has bought with it an unexpected downside as far as I am concerned. It is now much easier to be worried, frightened and generally angry about the whole of the world in general than it used to be. Every morning now I can sit at my computer and read any newspaper I like instead of either getting my preferred one delivered or going out to buy it. Continue reading “Making a difference by letting it go”

Gotta catch ’em all!

When Mrs B and I are down at Crackington beach for some fresh air we will often be seen walking along the stony parts of it while apparently looking down at our feet. It has become a habit, after joining in regularly with the beach cleaning crew, to spy plastic drinks bottle tops, fragments of plastic packaging and infinitely knotted lengths of brightly coloured fishing line entangled in the seaweed, so we normally take a bin bag with us to be ready to pick up any litter. But this cleaning is incidental to our main purpose. In reality we are set against each other in serious competition and in a hunt for treasure. Continue reading “Gotta catch ’em all!”

Seals and Slates

It was a pleasure to get out for a walk on the clifftops of the nearby South West Coastpath today. Autumn is starting to show itself, the Blackberries near ripening and the leaves turning towards their oranges, yellows and browns but today was what the papers have been calling ‘a heatwave’. So it was a Summer throwback day, T-Shirt, sunglasses and shorts were in order. And a hat of course, always a hat. Continue reading “Seals and Slates”