Nothing would be good

I am a little depressed. Mainly it’s because I have had this cold for nearly two weeks now. I won’t describe my symptoms, everyone knows what a cold is like, it’s just the intensity and combinations of mucus expression that vary between colds and people. I’m not complaining about it being man-flu like a wimp though. Just sniffling and maybe a watery-eyed, red-nosed appeal to sympathy when Mrs B is around so I’ll get a good supply of tea. Continue reading “Nothing would be good”

A recent influx

My thanks to Ellen Hawley for publishing a link to my Starlings entry on her site Notes from the UK  recently. As I commented on her site, I am a little humbled by the thought of being liked and recommended by herself as she is a proper writer who entertains me and many of you brilliantly. This has obviously resulted in many more responses to an entry on my blog than I am used to, there was even overnight action –  I mean hits on the site from Australia just to be clear about that. I thank her for the increased international exposure – again, exposure meaning publicity, not any other sort. Continue reading “A recent influx”


Sometimes I like to go for a ride on my bicycle. That doesn’t make me A Cyclist. Yes, I might know a bit more about bikes, riding them, mending them etc, more than some people who only fall over and curse their dusty bike-shaped object when trying to find something else completely different in the garage, but I will not rise to the bait when someone presents me with the stereotypes that they have of what they think A Cyclist is or should be, so I avoid using that term to describe one of the things I like to do. I just like riding a bicycle. Continue reading “Typing”

Making a difference by letting it go

The modern age of the internet has bought with it an unexpected downside as far as I am concerned. It is now much easier to be worried, frightened and generally angry about the whole of the world in general than it used to be. Every morning now I can sit at my computer and read any newspaper I like instead of either getting my preferred one delivered or going out to buy it. Continue reading “Making a difference by letting it go”

A hundred percent.

I was reading the report and looking at the pictures put up by Pete after the last beach clean at Crackington and one of them triggered some sort of irony switch in me.  It was of an empty Lip Balm dispenser, very much minus its used up and probably now vastly diluted contents to imperceptible and, in the homeopathic medicine style, just ‘atomic memory’ levels in the sea. Aside from if the theory involved in that branch of medicine being in any way correct meaning that anyone who goes in the sea will now possess nice smooth lips as a bonus (emphatically, no), I did wonder about the disconnect and motivations of the original discarder. Continue reading “A hundred percent.”

Chasing Perfection and Knobs

Photographers… yes, you fellow amateur, enjoy it for the sake of it, straight horizoned, two hours wait for the golden hour of light, mega megapixeled, razor sharp lens equipped strugglers after perfection. You Photoshop cloning-out experts (I didn’t notice that red litter bin at the time either, or the Page boy doing the rabbit ears thing behind the brides head), cleaning lenses and camera sensors obsessively … yes, you. You are doing it all wrong. Tripod? Throw it away. Measure exposure? Don’t bother. Careful to observe your scene and compose it to bring out its maximum beauty potential, leading lines, rule of thirds? Nope. Continue reading “Chasing Perfection and Knobs”