Rhine Blog

For any followers that are curious about how our trip down the EV15 Rhine River route goes, you can click somewhere about here.

Thanks to the new-fangled invention of hyper-links, you will be magically transported to another site which will let you follow what we get up to along our journey. This will be somewhat quicker than how we are doing it, which is by driving to Switzerland from Cornwall with our bikes on the roof which will take us roughly three days.

Hopefully I’ll have enough energy and internet connection to be reasonably up to date with it all text wise. ‘Proper’ picture uploads may be a luxury that takes a bit longer but I hope I can post stuff I take on a phone fairly easily.

The Facebook page may be a more immediate source of updates and pictures should you find yourself really needing respite from daily Trump-induced diplomatic mayhem, snapping elections and associated endless conjecture, nuclear Armageddon (we’ll be in historically neutral Switzerland so hopefully we’ll be OK, if in doubt we’ll put ourselves in one of their banks as a numbered account, they seem to be impervious to anything) or even just a coffee break at work with a nice digestive biscuit.

We’ll be off then. See you later.


Could be anywhere…

The above thought did cross our minds a few times when we were on the Isles of Scilly, due to the foggy nature of about half of our week there. Certainly it focuses the mind on what to photograph and how when the most essential ingredient to a photograph, namely light, is either not there much or is diffused through cloud so thick you might as well be walking around with a sheet over your head.

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All a bit grey

DSC04816It all looked so beguiling from the small twin engined Otter aircraft window when we approached over the Isles of Scilly. Gleaming white, almost tropical-looking sandy edges outlining the assorted green land masses and the blue colour of the ocean that might only be otherwise seen in exotic holiday brochures. This was our first time here and it looked like we were in for a treat of a week. Continue reading “All a bit grey”