Driving…an extinction event

Another brilliant blog by the West Midlands Traffic Police that is worth all drivers among you reading. It is very long but very thought provoking so if you have time to give it a go, please do, someone’s life might be saved if it has the desired effect on your thinking.

WMP Traffic

The golden age of driving….the beginning of the end

This blogs all about the current state of motoring, not only in our region but nation-wide, and is a wake-up call to all those who think that the golden age of motoring has a future. It’s hard to admit, especially for the likes of ourselves, after all most traffic officers have an emotional attachment to driving and the internal combustion engine in at least one of its inceptions, but the writings on the wall, we are living in the last generations of driving, and with it the last generations of Traffic Officers, at least in their current inception….so grab a brew, a few biscuits and dunk and read away, or drop a few crumbs if you prefer not to dunk. Oh and the soundtrack to read this one to should be a Black Sabbath track as Aston’s finest have called it…

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Be prepared

Before I went out for my walk yesterday I checked my camera battery. It was lowish at 40%, the spare was charged and in the bag but I thought I’d charge the one in the camera while I had my morning peruse of the headlines and check Twitter for the most current US policy announcements. It was looking to be a fine day and my camera gets through its power pretty quickly so I wouldn’t want to run out of juice. After lunch I got Gwynnik into her crate in the car, gathered up my coat and camera bag and set off on the few miles drive for a walk at Widemouth beach. Continue reading “Be prepared”


I wanted to post some pictures from a recent yomp up to the top of Roughtor on Bodmin Moor, taking in Showery Tor because it’s on the way up anyway. Let’s get pronunciation sorted out for Roughtor first though. It’s apparently not rough, as in not smooth, or a ruff around an Elizabethans neck, it’s rough to rhyme with cow. Or Slough. Yep, I appreciate that’s all very confusing and I don’t know why it is either. In England though, we can have a row with our next door neighbour over a row of hedging, especially if it’s a bit rough. Continue reading “Roughtor”

Water bottles, water bottles everywhere… to end up in the drink.

We did a Beach Clean this Sunday, one of three beaches having a volunteer clean up on the same day. The north coast of Cornwall had taken the usual battering from the recent UK-wide stormy weather spell and the ocean had thrown up many foreign objects that don’t belong in it for us to find on the beach. From that single pebble beach, around 300 metres long, with no tourist input to speak of at this time of year, eight of us picked up 120-130 kilos of plastic waste in two hours. A similar amount was collected at another beach, more difficult to get to from land and hence not cleaned often, our local regularly cleaned beach had thrown up over 65 kilos during the week. Continue reading “Water bottles, water bottles everywhere… to end up in the drink.”