The current heatwave got too much for Gwynnik and I for taking in our more usual open land and clifftop daytime walking, so we headed for our favourite cool and shady spot in the woods.

Although there is a luxuriant richness and wide variety of verdant greens this time of year, I think the Black and White treatment shows off the way the sunlight is peeking through the chinks in the canopy better, a mixture of illumination creating little burning hotspots and dark pools of shadow on its way.

A Spectacle

We were delighted to discover that we live only a short drive away from one of the Starling murmuration sites in Cornwall. For those that don’t know, a Starling murmuration is basically thousands of Starlings gathering in a single place and preparing to roost for the night in vast numbers, flying in huge balling and swirling pattern-makingĀ  flocks and then suddenly disappearing from view as they descend into their chosen safe place en masse. Continue reading “A Spectacle”


Sometimes I like to go for a ride on my bicycle. That doesn’t make me A Cyclist. Yes, I might know a bit more about bikes, riding them, mending them etc, more than some people who only fall over and curse their dusty bike-shaped object when trying to find something else completely different in the garage, but I will not rise to the bait when someone presents me with the stereotypes that they have of what they think A Cyclist is or should be, so I avoid using that term to describe one of the things I like to do. I just like riding a bicycle. Continue reading “Typing”

Gotta catch ’em all!

When Mrs B and I are down at Crackington beach for some fresh air we will often be seen walking along the stony parts of it while apparently looking down at our feet. It has become a habit, after joining in regularly with the beach cleaning crew, to spy plastic drinks bottle tops, fragments of plastic packaging and infinitely knotted lengths of brightly coloured fishing line entangled in the seaweed, so we normally take a bin bag with us to be ready to pick up any litter. But this cleaning is incidental to our main purpose. In reality we are set against each other in serious competition and in a hunt for treasure. Continue reading “Gotta catch ’em all!”

Seals and Slates

It was a pleasure to get out for a walk on the clifftops of the nearby South West Coastpath today. Autumn is starting to show itself, the Blackberries near ripening and the leaves turning towards their oranges, yellows and browns but today was what the papers have been calling ‘a heatwave’. So it was a Summer throwback day, T-Shirt, sunglasses and shorts were in order. And a hat of course, always a hat. Continue reading “Seals and Slates”