Driving…an extinction event

Another brilliant blog by the West Midlands Traffic Police that is worth all drivers among you reading. It is very long but very thought provoking so if you have time to give it a go, please do, someone’s life might be saved if it has the desired effect on your thinking.

WMP Traffic

The golden age of driving….the beginning of the end

This blogs all about the current state of motoring, not only in our region but nation-wide, and is a wake-up call to all those who think that the golden age of motoring has a future. It’s hard to admit, especially for the likes of ourselves, after all most traffic officers have an emotional attachment to driving and the internal combustion engine in at least one of its inceptions, but the writings on the wall, we are living in the last generations of driving, and with it the last generations of Traffic Officers, at least in their current inception….so grab a brew, a few biscuits and dunk and read away, or drop a few crumbs if you prefer not to dunk. Oh and the soundtrack to read this one to should be a Black Sabbath track as Aston’s finest have called it…

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A Monumental Ride

I’ve finally managed to get going on my exploring the area by bike again, after a long lay up explained elsewhere. I normally use a mapping program called Ride with GPS for my planning of a cycling route but I have found recently that Microsoft’s Bing Maps online does have an Ordnance Survey maps display mode, showing much more detail about the ‘what’ that is along the way that a route passes as well as the ‘where’ you’re going. This was how how I made my plan for today. Continue reading “A Monumental Ride”

More fun than driving it. Just harder.

OK, got my route planned for today – sort of. It’s ‘follow the blue signposts’ – trunk bag on the bike packed, last loo break taken (there’s always another one just after you have put on your cycling shorts). Weather is still fine and forecast to be that way for the whole day, let’s go. Continue reading “More fun than driving it. Just harder.”

An Introduction

I am a fairly normal person.

I have a wife and family. I love my Mum and Dad. Possibly they love me back.

My ex-wife doesn’t love me, and I don’t love her, even though you might have thought that I did as I gave her a whole house with all the furniture still in it. My kids love my ex-wife because she is their Mum and they live with her most of the time. My current wife, who I have been with for eight years now, hates me calling her my current wife. She also hates my ex-wife. Continue reading “An Introduction”