The current heatwave got too much for Gwynnik and I for taking in our more usual open land and clifftop daytime walking, so we headed for our favourite cool and shady spot in the woods.

Although there is a luxuriant richness and wide variety of verdant greens this time of year, I think the Black and White treatment shows off the way the sunlight is peeking through the chinks in the canopy better, a mixture of illumination creating little burning hotspots and dark pools of shadow on its way.

Be prepared

Before I went out for my walk yesterday I checked my camera battery. It was lowish at 40%, the spare was charged and in the bag but I thought I’d charge the one in the camera while I had my morning peruse of the headlines and check Twitter for the most current US policy announcements. It was looking to be a fine day and my camera gets through its power pretty quickly so I wouldn’t want to run out of juice. After lunch I got Gwynnik into her crate in the car, gathered up my coat and camera bag and set off on the few miles drive for a walk at Widemouth beach. Continue reading “Be prepared”


I wanted to post some pictures from a recent yomp up to the top of Roughtor on Bodmin Moor, taking in Showery Tor because it’s on the way up anyway. Let’s get pronunciation sorted out for Roughtor first though. It’s apparently not rough, as in not smooth, or a ruff around an Elizabethans neck, it’s rough to rhyme with cow. Or Slough. Yep, I appreciate that’s all very confusing and I don’t know why it is either. In England though, we can have a row with our next door neighbour over a row of hedging, especially if it’s a bit rough. Continue reading “Roughtor”

Seals and Slates

It was a pleasure to get out for a walk on the clifftops of the nearby South West Coastpath today. Autumn is starting to show itself, the Blackberries near ripening and the leaves turning towards their oranges, yellows and browns but today was what the papers have been calling ‘a heatwave’. So it was a Summer throwback day, T-Shirt, sunglasses and shorts were in order. And a hat of course, always a hat. Continue reading “Seals and Slates”

Bear finds Dogs in the sky

I don’t think there is anything technically difficult about taking a sunset photograph. Typically it goes ‘See nice sunset, face camera in correct direction, compose┬áso that there’s a bit of land or sea for a bit of context or framing purposes, take a picture’. Of course, there are nicer places to be when the sunset happens. Sunsets with the dark outlines of pylons, power wires, chimneys and a town in silhouette form are rarely the most picturesque I think. We all see a good sunset though, what makes a difference is how we see them. Continue reading “Bear finds Dogs in the sky”

A Monumental Ride

I’ve finally managed to get going on my exploring the area by bike again, after a long lay up explained elsewhere. I normally use a mapping program called Ride with GPS for my planning of a cycling route but I have found recently that Microsoft’s Bing Maps online does have an Ordnance Survey maps display mode, showing much more detail about the ‘what’ that is along the way that a route passes as well as the ‘where’ you’re going. This was how how I made my plan for today. Continue reading “A Monumental Ride”