Healthy and Active


Recently I have been active on Twitter. When I say active, I mean I actually posted something on it myself, rather than the WordPress blog automatically posting a link for me when I publish something new on my blog, like with this post.

Twitter, like the internet in general, is hardly the sort of place that a general gripe or groan about anything is going to be noticed by anyone much, being as your particular gripe or groan is likely to be shared by many others and expressed with various levels of intelligent and unintelligible language or factual rigour in the same sort of place as you are using for yours. Even that is going to be just one of the myriad of gripes and groans that will already be there anyway. But it can make you feel a little better if you have your very own. Continue reading “Healthy and Active”

Water bottles, water bottles everywhere… to end up in the drink.

We did a Beach Clean this Sunday, one of three beaches having a volunteer clean up on the same day. The north coast of Cornwall had taken the usual battering from the recent UK-wide stormy weather spell and the ocean had thrown up many foreign objects that don’t belong in it for us to find on the beach. From that single pebble beach, around 300 metres long, with no tourist input to speak of at this time of year, eight of us picked up 120-130 kilos of plastic waste in two hours. A similar amount was collected at another beach, more difficult to get to from land and hence not cleaned often, our local regularly cleaned beach had thrown up over 65 kilos during the week. Continue reading “Water bottles, water bottles everywhere… to end up in the drink.”